Saturday, May 27, 2017

Swashbuckling Steve Silverado Character Designs

These are redesigns of characters and the introduction of a new character for a new Steve Silverado Pirate themed story. Ramsey Longhorn finally gets Steve and Debbie in his clutches, and banishes them to a universe of what seems likes an endless ocean of islands. Captain Blackberry Beard uses his unique Beard to electrically power the high seas and convert barren wastelands into technologically thriving empires that he can control. All in the process, he strips individuals of their land, destroys people's lives and punctures wooden boats a with his corkscrew hand.

Debbie is now cursed as a mermaid, and uses her abilities to swim under the depths of the ocean to rescue victims of Captain Blackberry Beard's reign of terror.

This story focuses on Steve losing his truck, how he will get it all together and what he needs to do to get back to reality with Debbie.