Sunday, February 11, 2018

Silverado's First Encounter with Captain Blackberry Beard

I really dedicated a lot of time to create this promo piece for my next story in the Steve Silverado franchise, Swashbuckling Steve Silverado. This illustration was to focus on using two light sources, the moon and the glowing bluish purple light from Blackberry Beard's beard. I also created an animated gif to show how the beard would appear glowing.  The point is to show that Blackberry Beard is an electrical powersource that has the capability of charging electronic objects and destroying nature by turning ecosystems into cold electronic environments. His quest is to take over every island on the high seas and turn them into his personal electronic wastelands that he can control.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Captain Blackberry Beard Character Exploration

Just about a year ago, I attended an Animation Design Workshop in Seattle, Washington called Schoolism Live. There I learned from several professional animation production designers. From Sculpture to Character Design, they explained their processes and what they each find important when designing for video games, television and feature length movies. Chris Sasaki from Pixar was one professional whose presentation greatly informed me about how to approach designing my own characters. What stood out most for me was his attention to the pre-designing researching phase. He advised in the beginning to stay on track that designers should briefly write up a description of the character using simple adjectives and ALWAYS refer to this when in the design process. After establishing who the character is in writing, He says to research costume designs and similar actors or characters that may embody that character. Putting together a "Mood Board" or visual collage of all of these references.

When I started designing Blackberry Beard, I envisioned him as being a lot shorter in stature compared to Steve Silverado. He would always be looking up to him but not be afraid of him. In fact, he would be intimidating Silverado. I also researched some steampunk eye pieces for his bionic eye. My idea for that element would be that it can act as a nautical telescope as well as a microscope to examine his victims up close. For his bionic corkscrew arm, I was thinking about the simplicity of the designs of armor from the Mega Man series. To me the corkscrew hand serves as torture device for his victims. I envisoned it slowly getting longer as it gets closer and closer to it's victim's throat. As I was fleshing him out, I thought of the Characters of Tormund from Game of Thrones and Ganondorf from Zelda. He has a threatning and insane demeanor as well as slicked back hair and beard.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Swashbuckling Steve Silverado Character Designs

These are redesigns of characters and the introduction of a new character for a new Steve Silverado Pirate themed story. Ramsey Longhorn finally gets Steve and Debbie in his clutches, and banishes them to a universe of what seems likes an endless ocean of islands. Captain Blackberry Beard uses his unique Beard to electrically power the high seas and convert barren wastelands into technologically thriving empires that he can control. All in the process, he strips individuals of their land, destroys people's lives and punctures wooden boats a with his corkscrew hand.

Debbie is now cursed as a mermaid, and uses her abilities to swim under the depths of the ocean to rescue victims of Captain Blackberry Beard's reign of terror.

This story focuses on Steve losing his truck, how he will get it all together and what he needs to do to get back to reality with Debbie.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Steve Linocut

Revisiting a printmaking style that I had while at Marywood. I bought a small piece of linoleum today and carved into it. I added the white, red and tan paper in photoshop.